Thursday, December 23, 2010

happy family day.

to the three of us yesterday. yea i know, yesterday was supposedly mother's day in indonesia, but i thought it's no fun celebrating myself (as i am the mother in our little house) since the two boys play a huge part in making me one :) so instead, i suggested the husband that we should all celebrate by exchanging surprise gifts! and not just any gift, we agreed to buy things that we want others wear whether they like it or not.
i must say it's extremely easy with yuara. we decided to give him this sofa made out of my marimekko fabric (again, thanks tante intan!). not just because we want him to, but mostly because he loves all my sofas (he had to sit in each and every one of them before they were sold and shipped). and am still waiting to get him this by ayang cempaka!
for the husband, i'd really like to see him in these. they're far from his signature style, but i can picture him wearing them with his fave shorts. plus, the shoes are sooo comfy (no need to justify yourself there, mesh! :D). i was going to add one bottle neck tie but our printer broke down just in time. anyway, he gave me this bolero. i love them - which is why i think he cheats! i just lost my beloved bolero due to moving in last february and i used to have that kind in the earlier days when we first dated. all in all, i heart exchanging gifts for some silly reason ;)

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