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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

DIY fabric tape + gift wrap.

for those of you who celebrate xmas or just build a tradition to exchange gifts for silly reason like me (more on that later!), i found a way to make use of leftover fabrics you have and decorate your present at the same time. you will only need scraps, double tape, and scissor - like, really!
i figured there are two ways to finish off your fabric tape. you can cut the tape and reglue another fabric next time, or you can simply stick a totally different fabric all the way.
finally, i have all the right reason to use free printable thread bobbins by wild olive. aren't they the cutest things? but you can also use a tissue or paper towel roll painted in your favorite color :)

inspired by lace tape that sibebo bought, i purchased mine at gramedia bookstore. combine it with your fabric tape and some pom poms to make the prettiest gifts for your loved ones. happy wrapping!



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