christmas present + giveaway.

for those of you who celebrate christmas, these two seaters might be the right gift for your little ones. i only have limited stock (as in these two only) so first-come, first-served.
uhm, i too bought new year presents for myself: beaded necklace from alun-alun indonesia, sunglasses from forever 21, and three tiered brooch from WIC charity bazaar - i added my vintage brooch to copy elva field's signature look (if only i could buy one). love, love, love!
but if you don't want to buy anything for anyone (not even yourself), that's also fine. because today, am throwing a holiday giveaway: one pom pom wreath to decorate your door or wall.
since my computer had only been reformatted and i lost some of my favorite sites, please leave a comment stating your favorite DIY blog (that isn't on my list yet). and become a follower so i can easily deliver the good news (if you already are, thanks a bunch). i will pick a winner randomly in a week's time on the 19th. as always, the giveaway is for indonesian residents only. good luck!


  1. mbaaaaaaaaaaaaaamessssh!!! aku napsir brooch-nya!! lempar ke akyu dong dong dong *rampok*

  2. giveawaynya kursinya aja dehhhh *gaktaudirimodeon* :D hehehehe
    anyway, still want to try my luck! XD
    hmmm what's not on your list yet...try to take a peek at, i bet you'll love her works! :D

  3. kirain sofanya mbaaaa:p tapi pom pomnya juga mau dech, wakakaka:D

  4. me me me me me me me me me!!!
    aku mau wreathnya...

    fave diy-blog: a beautiful mess !
    absolutely great!

  5. me want pom2!! =D
    anyway try to open i always love her DIY project just like i love yours ;)

  6. saya rekomen Toscaberries' blog! (
    ituh orgnya ada di komen diatas juga hehehehe...

  7. my favorite is Crafty Chic Mommy

  8. have u look :

    win! win! win!

  9. Mba amesh aku dong dong dong pilih aku :D :D aku mau pom pom wreath hihihihihi


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