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Monday, December 20, 2010

and once again.

the weekend passed us by. it was a good one, though. started with islamic new year fair held in my neighbourhood, yuara got his first coloring trophy - he won third place out of three contestants (ha ha ha!) and made his way on the catwalk for the very first time (eventhough he had to hold on to my mother's iPhone to keep him going).
i downloaded and printed the award ribbon by inspired bride for fashion show participants and my ex boss. reine just resigned recently, so we threw her a surprise farewell party with graduation day theme.
at first, i wanted to make the graduation cap from scratch but didn't find the time (classic, classic!), thank goodness i found the pattern by disney family fun. so i printed that on lovely south africa toile art paper as seen on my previous post. don't they match the certificate made by my girl ivy aralia perfectly? yea, i thought so too.
we also threw a polaroid potluck party for my dear friends and it went super grrreat! i printed out this hillarious disguise kit by jen allyson over at design house digital and while i was cooking, i made the guests cut and double tape them. so once we finished dinner, it was time to go crazy with my fuji instax 200 (here taken with poladroid). we laughed hard, it really was the highlight of my week :)


  1. Congrats ya Yuara, aiii, gantengnya pake baju muslim :)

  2. Yuaraaaa apa kabar sayanggg *gigit gigit*



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