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Sunday, May 2, 2010

giveaway may bear.

well no, not the bear though. am throwing a giveaway for one lovely brand new white cushion cover under it. why you ask? because it's the month of my 30th birthday and i just feel like sharing the happiness of my upcoming decade :)
yippie yeay, i will be 30 in a week and i promise myself not to feel lost - just like this red riding hood bear in finding her way to grandma's house. i too should be cunning to overcome the obstacles in my next journey (hope it doesn't have to involve one big bad wolf though). anyway, be sure to leave a comment, become a follower, and i will pick a winner randomly in a week's time on the 10th. but sorry, the giveaway is for indonesian residents only. good luck, everyone!


  1. ameeeessshhh.... akuu!! pilih akuuu...!!
    i'm giving a comment. i AM your follower for a long time (lebay). & i always adore anything... (ANYTHING !!) in this blog of yours.

    so could u pleeeeassse...? u,u

  2. o btw, welcome to da club, babe! aku juga baru 'heboh2an' 30 taun awal april kemaren ^,^ ,v,,

  3. aahaa! well, happy birthday mbak Amesh!!
    i am pretty sure you'll be more beautiful than before. life begins at 30, right? he..
    i'll be honored to provide home and love for this cute bear. and, i've already been your follower! :)

  4. happy birthday amesh! (psst.. we're the same age.) haha... wishing you a fulfilling and beautiful year ahead.

  5. aku maoooo..ako maooooo..please please dear ameshh (^_^)

    the truth is, im your loyal silent reader.
    Your blog is one of my fave
    Until i'm dare to contact you for your damn gorgeous puff!!
    Coz i'm so in love with many throw cussion, pleaseeeeeeee, gave to me:)
    jadi aku dapet 1 puff dan 1 throw cussion :)) hehehehhee

  7. @dela: hehehe not the bear sweetie, but the pleated white cushion cover underneath it ;)

  8. pick me pick me pick me! i always love anything white. am a follower too ;p

  9. Pilihlah aku amesh ..... pasti cocok banget di rumah ku ... (^.^)

  10. Good luck to all who enter and Happy Birthday to you. For someone turning 30, you sure make 30 look pretty! :) Visiting you here!

  11. yuhhuu,, enter me,, enter me,,, hehehhe
    i'm your follower :)
    i always like to read your blog, love it so, and that's why i had put your link on my blog list, just check it mba :D


  12. aku juga bikin button link buat give away ini
    check on


  13. does the giveaway applicable for a retail store? hahaha..

    anyway.. Happy Birthday in advance..

    Melina @ Kids Republik

  14. aku mbakkkkkk...pleaseee... apa aja yg mbak buat pasti kerenn...
    (huh agak nyesel jg nih jarang online... jadi telat komen..hehehe)

  15. absensi...hadeeeer...!!!!
    dikasih seberuangnya juga hayu' ajah...


  16. Ow, Taurus? Just like my brother's...happy birthday to you mbak, wish you tons of happiness in the years ahead and wish that the giveaway will be mine, hehehe...



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