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Thursday, March 4, 2010

the former living room.

is now our dining room. i know it sounds odd to be having a dining room in our front area of the house, but in our defense, we're not a regular family anyway :P
i got the chairs from my beloved father. they were quite a mess upon arrival. but after some reupholstering job, i think now they're good as new. the only problem is that we ordered toi moi's six chairs dining table, but we only had four. so am hunting for two more and i came across these blue wishbone chairs by danish furniture designer hans wegner available on carl hansen & son via decor8.
am definitely taking that dark blue ones. or you know, we can always wait for another handed downs ;)


  1. mb amesh..

    Love ur dinning table..nemu dimana?? atau bikin..?
    really want it too...



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