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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

the otomi project.

i first saw the otomi print on some diy headboard over at design*sponge. but since am not looking for any kind of headboard project, the post didn't go through my head.
but this, oh this i gotta do. remember my post about polish paper chandelier by lena corwin? well, hold your breath, she's back with another fabulous diy project: otomi stencils for kids dresser found via the happy home. better yet, the how-tos are here. enjoy.


  1. I have this picture for a few years back...isn't it just LOVELY

  2. Really pretty. Why do you keep on putting things on your blog I want? I don't have a settled home anymore!

  3. This great! We have some otomi wall stencil in our collection. Here is link for otomi stencil
    Thank you,



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