the fabric hunter.

i don't know why i can never resist a good printed fabric. everytime i go to the fabric market for something, i always come home with more! sigh. for the sake of cutting my shopping expenses, i wish i was a textile designer - like these three.

design by umbrella prints.

designs by ink & spindle.

design by skinny laminx.

but for now, i think being a fabric hunter will have to suffice. especially when am always accompanied by my handsome assistant who now knows how to point and ask, "apa itu?" (translation: what's that?). here is a picture of him while we were fabric hunting for his dots birthday party.


  1. There's nothing like a good fabric store. I always feel like I leave with less than I wanted. Wish there was more time and I was more crafty. Your assistant is way adorable!

  2. i completely agree, i looove spending my time at any good fabric store :)


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