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Thursday, October 29, 2009

the event.

for yuara's dots party, we had wall drawing, face painting, bubble blowing, and block building. oh, i also prepared kids play dough, board games, and the famous ball pool - i tried to make the little invitees entertained at all times. anyway, this is how the party looked like.
yes, we had balloons floating and chocolate fountain, my best friends lent it to us for the whole day. thanks tia and tobi!
most of the party pictures were taken by my brother, ilen budiristio, and his girlfriend, tara amelz (including the first photo on the left from party snacks, both from thank you, and a couple from party people).


  1. Fun party, you have one seriously lucky kid. Happy birthday to him!

  2. awww thank u so so much. that is just so sweet :)



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