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Monday, September 7, 2009

statement necklace.

my brother's girlfriend Tara Amelz from Ecletica made me this gorgeous necklace last weekend. she recycled the chain necklace with butterfly pendants that i gave her, and tadaaa..
(too bad i didn't have a before picture to compare them with)
note to myself: i should give her more of my junk.


  1., nama line aksesorinya udah kuganti jadi ECLECTICA by Tara Amelz soalnya beberapa bule protes ngga suka nama penyakit itu..jadi alamatnya juga ganti tuh jadi

    Asik kalung buatanku dipajang! And yes, give me more junk pleaseee :P

  2. consider it done. thanks again for the necklace, doll!



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