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Saturday, November 23, 2013

FREE Workshop at RUMPI (Rumah Perempuan Indonesia).

hi, just so you know am having a free workshop tomorrow at Rumah Perempuan Indonesia located at Nenen Baby Shop building 1st floor Ruko Plaza 1 Pondok Indah U2 no 33 Jl. Taman Duta 1 (in front of Rumah Sakit Pondok Indah). we will be making no sew cinch sling bag for free!
it will start tomorrow at 10 am sharp! for more info please contact or click here.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

sponsored video: Project Sunlight.

have you ever wondered what kind of future your children will live in? i still remember the doubts i have when i was carrying my babies in my belly, “do i really want to bring a child into this world?” a world with war, famine, and poverty? i remember thinking will there still be clean water for my son’s or daughter’s children? what if brighter future doesn’t exist? it is scary and the thought haunted me until today. so i was relieved when i know that i am not alone.

i’d like to see Project Sunlight as a wake up call for parents everywhere. the time is now to start to care: today is the universal Children’s Day and to mark the launch of this project, Unilever will make a donation to help 2 million children. we too can help, take these three simple actions: SEE a brighter future through this inspirational video, ACT by doing small things that contribute to a better environment and JOIN Project Sunlight along with other concerned parents in building the best future our great great great grandchildren could possibly have.

watching this video really touches my heart (ps. i cried like a baby during the show). it really got me thinking, “true, our children’s future is in our hands.” it is from the lesson we taught them, the habit they watch us do. i know this sounds cliche but little things can make a big difference – start small but end big. start living the sustainable lifestyle: monitor your use of water (so clean water won’t be an issue for your grandchildren) or plant a tree (so your great grandchildren can still breath fresh air). how their life turns out depends on our lifestyle today – and i want them to live better. this project really fits me: am a believer for a brighter future. it is the time to make a change, happy children’s day J      

*this post has been sponsored by Sunlight Unilever, but all thoughts are my own.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

calling all the bandungers.

can you really say that? bandungers? anyway, am coming to bandung next sunday the 29th and i will be throwing a craft workshop at tobucil (thanks for hosting!) at 15:00 WIB. for more info, please e-mail
so i hope to see you soon! can't wait :D

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

laiqa magazine soft launching.

i adore fifi alvianto from her early years of blogging - now, she is the chief editor of laiqa magazine. so when i was offered to do laiqa's party decor, i instantly said yes. the party was held on july 24th, it was small and intimate and (hopefully) i made it pretty.

congrats once again, laiqa! and thanks for having me, it'd been a real pleasure :)

have i told you.

about our trip to yogya way back in early july? no of course not, i've been M.I.A for the last couple of month due to my uhm, schedule. but it was amazingly fun (and kids friendly - since we have two to entertain nowadays).
oh my only agenda coming to this city is this place called tegel kunci - i've been planning to redo our dining room's floor for years and theirs are the perfect choice! as for the kids (yuara mostly), we made sure we kept them busy by visiting chocolate factory, children museum, taman pintar playground, taman lampion fairground, mang engking's castle, and gembira loka zoo. can't wait to come back to yogya soon!

Sunday, June 30, 2013

sponsor post: elegance by cecillia hidayat.

you read it right! elegance just released my favorite illustrator's designs for their bed sheet collections. eeek!

must. have. i can hardly get out of bed nowadays :D

Thursday, April 18, 2013

what i did today.

decorating dessert tables...

with green and blue ombre theme! at mothercare indonesia's event (in collaboration with workshop in a box).

dum, dum, dum (the winners).

as usual, our weekends are always packed with family time. but this time was a bit different, because we managed to watch disney on ice, do some crafting, and witness the baby in the family took her first steps without doubt!
tomorrow is friday! am so looking forward for new surprises. aren't you too? well, hope your name is on the winner's list then :) the jot pot won the cleaner upper toy&highchair and sahla qorira amalia won the grime fighter wipes - please email me with your shipping address. i will wait two days for you two to claim the prizes, otherwise am picking another winner. and for those of you don't win, i promise there will be next time!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

workshop in a box in collaboration.

yes, we're back! this month we collaborated with mothercare indonesia (april 18th) in making silhouetted tote bag + framed art in a hoop and rumah main cikal (april 20th) in making silhouetted art pouch + framed art in a hoop. 
you will only need to show your purchase of 200K at mothercare, elc, or gingersnaps this month to enter our workshop!  
rumah main cikal charges 150K for the workshop, but you will also get a gift voucher from marks&spencer! so, what are you waiting for? come and meet us there :)

Saturday, March 30, 2013

when kutri turned one.

we had a parisian birthday party! uhm, will upload the rest of the pictures very soon.
happy birthday, daughter. we hope you'll have a great meaningful life, mamo papo love you deep!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

reading time.

is always fun. that was why we made this 'tribute to books' workshop. we made:
- two ways notebooks by guest speaker tarlen handayani of vitarlenology.
- antique fabric bookmark.
- fun pop up card.
- clip on paper flower from book pages.

 vintage illustrations were drawn by babalisme, stories were told by riska of kidslovedisco, charms were provided by ashlee embellishments and blank cards by k.e.d. oh, check out our review on living loving!


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