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Pampering Day for Papo

🎉Happy birthday, Papo!! 🎉 At the beginning of August we celebrated Papo's birthday. We're in lockdown and to be honest, I ran out of gift ideas. So YuKu and I decided, we'd organize a pampering day instead to mend Papo's craving for a visit to a proper barbershop and have a proper haircut.  So although his birthday wish was only for a drama-free day, we thought we'd give him something more special (just incase the drama happened anyway, which it did 😅). Other than Papo's birthday, it was also my first time handling an electric shaver. So there were all kinds of drama, mostly as a result of my questionable expertise as a barber.  Despite all the drama, we hope you had fun. Once again, happy 41st birthday dear Papo. You're the calm in the storm, the breeze in the heat, the peace among the chaos, the quiet in the crowd, and the yin to our yang. You're the one who keeps us cool, and we wish you the best always. We love you!!💓 For more info please dont he

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