Eid Mubarak From My Family to Yours

Last year, I imagined that this year, everything would have turned back to normal, and we would be able to be reunited with our whole families again. Unfortunately, that is not the case. 
This year, we still have to limit ourselves in seeing closest family only. But as I am a loyal ambassador of gratitude 😉, I am grateful that we're all healthy and safe, and I wish the same for your families. Limiting ourselves in this pandemic era is one way to take care of each other. If this is what we have to do to keep our families safe, then so be it. Besides, by now we've grown very familiar with Zoom, right?

A few days before Lebaran day, I turned 41 🎈. Thank you for all the prayers and kind words. I also want to thank all the people that have supported me in my work; from blogging, producing and selling #dreameshliving products, organizing and running #dreameshdiyclub, producing handmade #decorbydreamesh, producing #dreameshgoodies, and finally starting #kateringkalengkaleng. It looks like, as a Taurus, I'm a bit on the confused side since I can't decide which one I love best.
So I just do it all.😂
Thank you to those who stick around, also to those who disapprove - you've made me who I am today.  I'm forever grateful that we crossed paths.

And last but not least, my family and I wish you a happy Eid Al-Fitr
Taqabbalallahu Minna wa Minkum.
As human beings we have our flaws, so we ask for your forgiveness for our faults and mistakes. We wish you all the health in the world, and may we see each other again next Ramadan in good health.
Amin Ya Robbalalamin.

Have a Great Sunday!! 💖


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