DIY: Felt Camel Hand Puppet

Hi, guys! Here’s the DIY tutorial for the felt camel workshop I held last Ramadhan in my neighborhood. It surely was an easy project that you can work any day, like at this time of season and on the holidays. Ready to rock this cute camel?

What you need:
Felt sheets, black ribbon, glue, scissors, pencil, camel template.

How to make:

1.    Fold a whole sheet of felt in two, then trace the camel pattern on it using a pencil.
2.    Cut the lines so that you get two sides of the camel.
3.    Trace the eyelashes on a black sheet of felt to stick on the camel later.
4.    Cut out saddles for the camel using felt in a different color. Make sure you make two, one for the back and front. Cut the edges of the saddle making a fringe.
5.    Glue only the edges of the camel leaving the bottom part open (for your hand, obviously).
6.    Glue on the eyelashes and saddle. Now, decorate the saddle using your own imagination. You can make little shapes or anything you chose to make it pretty. Yuara chose to make extra robot hands for his camel, and I think they suit it well!
7.    Add on the ribbon on both sides over the nose, neck and down the front part of the body.
8.    If you want to make your puppet more secure, just stitch through the edges of the camel avoiding the bottom part. But craft glue is also a solution if you don’t have time stitching.
9.    There you have it… A pretty cool camel!

 cute faces of the felt camel hand puppet crafters!


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