Introducing: Katering Kaleng - Kaleng

During the pandemic, the family and I got to really enjoy cooking and baking. And since my business got a bit hampered, I decided to give food business a try. Fortunately, it got good response and though I have to juggle a bit (read: A LOT), I quite enjoy it.

So here it is, I introduce you; KATERING KALENG-KALENG! 🎉 I serve daily comfort food that you can enjoy any time of the day.

The first menu and a favorite is CARROT CAKE KALENG - KALENG. The batter is mixed with pineapple and walnut, giving it a subtle sweetness and nutty taste. Layered with cream cheese icing blended with buttercream, this sweet and moist spicy cake will provide comfort to your days.

 I am officially opening order for next week. This cake comes in 18 cm size for IDR 115k only! And it's a perfect company for your tea or coffee. Anyone who's interested is welcome to drop me a message on my Instagram. 

Last but not least, I'd like to give credit to my friend Patricia (IG @patricia_motho) for her amazing photos.💓

For order bookings, please DM me on my Instagram



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