Dreamesh DIY Club : Cutting Block Painting Workshop

 To me, #dreameshDIYclub has been a form of 'me time'. Painting, with faint music in the background, while having online conversations with my participants. 

Throughout this pandemic, we figure out ways to entertain ourselves, to escape for a while from all the craziness without having to leave the house. And #dreameshDIYclub is one of those ways. I find it very therapeutic. And by having the participants with me online, I feel like I'm able to safely escape and connect with other people.

In March, I organized another #dreameshDIYclub. This time, I decided we were going to paint on cutting blocks. Why a cutting block, you ask? Cutting block is a great media for painting. It looks great on the wall, on the shelf, or wherever you wish.

As per usual, you can choose a single person package, or the couple package. You can ask you spouse/kids/parents to join you. Included in the package, are:

One 30 cm cutting board (and an extra 25 cm cutting board for the couple package)

A set of paints and brushes

Templates and tracing paper

In the couple package, a different template design is included for the second cutting block.

For this class, I thought it would be fun to do a giveaway. So I asked my Instagram followers to write about their favorite 'me time' and chose one lucky person to join my class for free. And I was so pleased that a lot of my followers were willing to participate💓. Please stay tuned for the next giveaway..

I feel grateful for all the excited responses for my workshops. And as always, I thank all of the participants who are willing to spare their time for my classes.

Please follow my Instagram for info on my next workshop and I hope to see you soon 😊

💗Stay safe and stay healthy💗

For more inquiries, please don't hesitate to 

email me at dreamesh@yahoo.com


DM me on Instagram @_dreamesh


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