Goodbye, 2020!

First of all,



A lot comes to mind when I think about 2020. We've managed to stay home and stay safe during last year, and so far we're still staying home. Maybe most people would find it bizarre, or unbearable. But fortunately enough, my family and I always find ways to make it work with endless cooking, crafting, and finishing other projects we've overlooked before. Most importantly, we have fun.

Personally, being home, I feel like I can get things done a lot faster, and achieve so many more things. And despite the fact that it was a tough year (and who am I kidding? It's still getting tougher), I really enjoy staying home.

What I'm also really grateful for is the support I get from all my friends and family, my clients and customers. When you purchase something from me, you're not just helping my family, but you're also supporting other people who help me with my work. 

So I want to thank you. Thank you for everyone who's made even the smallest purchase of my #dreameshliving products, who've joined my #dreameshdiyclub classes, or booked #decorbydreamesh props in order to celebrate at home. No words can express my appreciation for your support and how much it means to me, my family, and my team.

So this year, I wish health and happiness for all of us. I hope whatever happens, we always find solace and gratitude.




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