basic stuffed animal tutorial.

you amazing crafters might have already known this DIY steps by heart. but for those of you who are still clueless, don't fret! here's a simple thursday project for you :)
1. choose a pattern of your liking, mine is these animals from yuara's bed sheet. cut them up.
2. cut another leftover fabric for the back side of your stuffed animals.
3. pin the right sides facing in or the wrong sides facing out (oh, i do hope i make sense!).
4. use your sewing machine and sew them altogether, but don't forget to leave an opening.
5. fill with stuffing, then stitch them closed. remember my sailboat plushies? yep, i used the same tutorial as this one. happy crafting, everyone!


  1. clueless *tunjuk tangan* padahal udah pernah ikut workshopnya Puri uh oh emang gak bakat jait menjait T_T

  2. Mba, gimana cara nutupnya biar rapih? di foto donk mba.. :) thank you.. :) XOXO

  3. mba amesh bahannya cakep2 deh, mau dooong sisa2 bahannya:p boleh ndak? *muka serius) aku ijin follow yah mba:) like ur blog!

  4. boong mbak.. kelinci buatannya cecil cute loohh...

  5. heeee... ada cecil, puri ama mb regina ngumpul di sini..

    kainnya lucu bangeeet!


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