Christmas is Coming!

Christmas is coming closer and the sweater weather gives perfect reason to cuddle.

So put on your best sweater and most comfortable socks, and pretend it's snowing outside.⛄

Due to the pandemic, this holiday we may not be a able to visit families, gather with friends, or go on holiday trips. But it's all going to be okay because when we stay home, we save lives. 

And that's why, since I can't go out, I'm going all out with the End-Of-Year Hamper this December. Yeay!

Plants have been proven to comfort melancholy moods, so this year I'm going to bring you greenery into my Hampers. It's the perfect gift for friends and family, even for yourself! 

It will include:
2 plants with plastic pots
1 fabric pot cover with 20 cm diameter
1 fabric pot cover with 16 cm diameter
1 wooden box 25 x 35 cm

And with just IDR 200k, this Hamper will be yours.

So what are you waiting for? My hampers are limited so book yours now. 💓😊

Stay home and stay safe everyone!

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