Hey!! I'm Back!

Hello, again!

This has been a difficult year. Nobody could have prepared us for this pandemic disaster. When all of my projects were cancelled abruptly, it caused a significant impact on my business. It also caused a ripple that effected all the people I work with. Most of them depend on the decorating projects I work on, and with all the events cancelled, there's no income. 

So I had to come up with something and I thought, maybe it's time I resurrect my Dreamesh Living brand. I started Dreamesh Living in 2007 and it focused on home decor, but then I decided to switch to the decorating service. But since we're all stuck at home, it felt like a great idea to get it up and running again.
When I first started Dreamesh Living, I employed a handyman to produce my products. And since then, he's been helping me build props for my decorating projects. And of course, with the pandemic hitting the whole world, orders were not coming in. 
So I started opening purchase orders for storage boxes I had him made when we first moved in to the new house. Turns out, with everyone stuck at home and trying to get comfortable by rearranging, cleaning, and redecorating their houses, these storage boxes come in handy and soon they became  favorites. Thanks to the high demand, we're able to help him back to work.

Next, I expanded to other products. I've always loved DIYs and this is the perfect time for it. I had these fabrics and they're just sitting there looking pretty, not being used for (cancelled) decorating projects. They needed to put into good use, so I turned them into wall hangings and table runners. 
So far, I've produced wooden trays, wooden shelves, DIY flower pots, pillows, poufs, etc. And I'll accept special requests, too. My team and I are very lucky to be able to stay afloat during this pandemic and I hope we'll that way and be able to survive this. I realize there are many others who took a big hit and struggle like us. I pray that we'll all stay strong and survive this.
I'd like to express my gratitude to Allah, and to all of you who have supported me in this difficult time. My team and I are forever grateful. 💗

We wish you health and happiness. Stay home, stay safe.

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