latest projects + lomo for sale.

i was going to make separate posts about these (mostly were done on weekend) projects but lately time is not on my side - uhm, has it ever? anyways, these are what i'd been doing that kept me from posting :P

gift boxes for our president SBY and crew, ordered by jakarta punya! for jakarta tanpa kantong plastik campaign. everything was reusable - i combined tulle with batik as its wrap and afterwards, it can also be used as tablecloth!
patchwork picnic blanket and or tablecloth, ordered by our lovely neighbour lila.
wired batik frame to hang some photos, ordered by saphirandini and ratna.

cinnamon apple bread and butter pudding, ordered by my hungry husband for breakfast.
potato stencils, well the kid didn't actually order for these but he did have a good time printing them onto white cardboard.

silhouette fans and button bobby pins, i made these for my friend ratna's surprise baby shower - prepared by her sweet husband ardhi. they're having a boy, hence the color baby blue.

last but not least, this one is totally out of subject. but i've been thinking to let go of my lomo camera for a while now, mainly because i never used it anymore since my fuji instax came along. to be honest, i have only used it twice so am selling it for 450K. if you're interested, please leave a comment and i'll get back to you pronto. ta-ta for now ;)


  1. Wow-ie! all Hail King SBY! what a huge proiject no wonder you're never around! Little by little let's get our nation plastic bags free!

    and demanding the recipe for apple b&b pudding.

  2. mbak amesh, lam kenal.. dapet link blogny dari FBny mb febie cocopop, sukaaaa deh, g bisa berenti baca.. hehehhe..

    aku ijin ng link blog ny y mbak =)

    sukses terus mbak, sampai ke istana negara2 lain.. amiiiin

  3. Mbak Amesh...thanks for the wire batik frame yaaa...I have posted as well in my blog! cheers...

  4. wow, pasti kemaren super sibuk ya mesh.
    ratna dan ardhi adik kelasku di SMA..
    very happy for them.. :)

    wire batik frame itu seperti apa sih mesh? aku agak kurang mudeng liat fotonya.. itu di belakangnya ada papannya gitu ya? atau bolong?

  5. Hi, may I know what model the lomo camera is?

  6. halo mbak. mau juga dong pesen yang batik wire frame nya. bisa nggak ya?
    thankyou :)

  7. hi all, the lomo is sold. thanks for your interests :)

  8. Mbak Amesh, kalo order fan kayak silhouette fans itu berapaan ya? :)

  9. Mbak Amesh, saya Noni yang kemarin liputan bareng Trans7 terus beli frame....(mudah2an inget....hehehehehe)....

    Mbak wired batik frame-nya itu kayak apa sih, berapa harganya dan bisa milih gak kainnya?


  10. Hai Mbak Amesh, pertanyaanku sama dengan Mbak Nani diatas, untuk wire frame itu berapa harga dan ukurannya, lalu bisa pilih kain gak ya? Soalnya aku nyari di online store Dreamesh nggak ada.
    thanks :)


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