disney pixars up wedding.

my old best friend contacted me yesterday, she's going to be married and am really happy for her. she had one request though, she wanted me to do the decor. i instantly panicked! she had so much faith in me that i didn't have for myself it touches me. so i sent her a few links to find out what she would like, one of them is this wedding. i have it in my folder for quite some time - a wedding inspired by disney pixars UP movie, found via wedding chicks. i have always loved disney and pixars combo, and to have them translated in a wedding is priceless.
just perfect, isn't it? colorful balloons, pale yellow house, grape soda pins, hand-printed mail box, picnic blankets...my, oh my. don't forget to take a peek at UP engagement shoot here. now, i don't know if i have the guts to throw a wedding, but am quite sure this theme could also be applied in regular parties. heck, i want one!


  1. ahh... love the hankies (or scarves?) bunting. so sweet. indeed, it looks like a beautiful scene to create.

  2. This is great inspiration! I'm sure you'll plan a lovely wedding for her.


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