bali pictures.

finally! sorry it took me soooo long to post our vacation pics. it's just that lately yuara tends to get sick more often - they all say that's what happens in your child's first year of school. but still, no likey! if only i could be ill for him instead, i'd do it in a heartbeat. i bet all of you mothers out there can feel me, eh? anyway, we had fuuuun in bali. this time we hung out much in all sort of beaches. it was oh-so-relaxing... who knew five days weren't enough for us? next time we're doing a week! yes husband, you heard it right :D
so we did another round of jenggala's paint-a-pot. the bowl was nicely done by the champ! (see my first here and our second here).
and we went to the waterbom for the very first time. quite entertaining i must say.
i felt like i could stay all day long at potato head beach club. it was heaven filled with danish furnitures!
we went to padang-padang beach as well. did you know this is where the scene of julia roberts swimming in eat, pray, love took place? i realized i already visited this place before, back in the early 2000s! (and yes, those narrow steps is the entryway).

we also found a place (and instantly fell in love with it) called karma kandara. it's a private beach off a cliff so we had to take a monorail to reach the shore. it was beyond words! i've never seen a beach so beautiful in my entire life - and believe me, i am a beach girl. i strongly recommend those of you who travel with children to stop by this beach. this is the only place i let my kid roam free, others make me worry so much.
uhm okay, these are what i brought home from our trip - pretty same as last year's: biasa blouse, pusaka balinese batik, local dress, and sandals. OMG, I MISS BALI ALREADY!


  1. aww... i'm missing that place very badly too now that I'd seen your photos....

    anyways, hope Yuara is better. i took kaeden off school because of falling ill too often last year (& he wasn't even attending school everyday!).

  2. Woahhh..I'm going to bali in august!!but only for 3 days T_T

    Surely wil visit karma kandara, potato beach and padang2..yay!!

  3. hai amesh, liburannya seru.. iya bener, 5 hari di bali kurang lama.. (1 minggu juga deh kaya'nya) hehe..
    foto pantai karma kandaranya keren bangeeet! suka!

    semoga yuara sehat2 dan jarang sakit ya..


  4. Bali sll jd tempat yg menyenangkan ;-)

  5. Hi,

    I loved Bali. I've a blog about Bali too. I called as Bali Pictures. Hope to be your friend's.


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