pirate decor + tiny tutorial.

now i realize that it's impossible to be host and photographer at the very same time. luckily, i took some pics before the madness started, but please bear with me through the rests.
yep, i put mini treasure chest, gold coins, skull paper weight, and little maps in the giant vases used (again) for cakestands bottoms. i also stuck the A3 version of yuara's invitation by babalisme on our front door and used cupcake wraps and toppers by cottage industrialist.
to heal your sore eyes, i prepared one tiny tutorial for those Y initials you see popping out almost everywhere at the party. you will only need one styrofoam board and some lying around scraps. cut the styrofoam board in any form you like (mine is the letter Y), then do the same thing for the fabric with a slightly bigger pattern. double tape all the edges and start sticking. easy peasy.


  1. Mba Amesh lucu deh decorationnya sukaaa :D mau!

  2. Cupcakenya lucu... :) I always love things nautical, stripes, red & blue. So bayangin waktu liat birthday decoration kaya gini... Love it!

  3. wauw..i love the decoration :D mejanya kerenn.. mba amesh bikin sendiri juga yah mejanya?

  4. c'est genial!
    tu est une creative personne. j'adore!

    bon anniversaire, Yuara

  5. Holy Flying Dutchman! That's a real sized jolly roger flag you've got there!! Awesome party, very proud to be part of it! even digitally! LOL. Arrrrgh!


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