my weekend bags.

am a very happy girl. i ordered olifant clutch from cocomomo bags last week when they had a half price charity sale and the package came yesterday!
along with a surprise gift made by evi of berries. ah, you should see the smile spreading on my face (pretty wide, i must say!) for these last two days.


  1. Those are just adorable bags. I like the elephant one. It is cool and fun! :)

    Adin B

  2. enjoy ur new pet olifant!!!!

  3. arrrhhh telat liat charity sale nya Cocomomo! *nangis garuk2 tanah* :((
    eh btw komenmu masuk mbak cuman blog gw aja lagi ngaco gak bisa sign in terus wekweww :))
    salam tos buat mas Irwan yah! Kamu juga baca Neil gaiman dooonggg...adiktip! XDX

  4. have nice weekends with that pink jasmine :D (with a lot of yuara's knick knacks there for sure ;p)

  5. *lgsg liat mbak evy dgn tatapan tajam*
    "mbak eviii kl aku ulg thn mau yaa..hihihi"

  6. Finally I get the link to BERRIES!
    I saw their products for the first time, when I visited your booth and been meaning to visit their blog but I lost your name card. Then I forgot the name, was it Berry? Berry's? Ah... Yg penting skrg bs maen2 ke blog mereka, hehe...


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